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Our Lawncare division is on the
road 360 Days a year, from mowing, clearing debris and leaves, to hanging Christmas Lights and Decorations.

We help you protect your two largest investments your home and your time.

Caring for your lawn is our #1 priority,with regularly scheduled maintenance (fertilizing,
dethaching, aerating, and mowing) your lawn will be the best one on the block.
Our basic mowing services includes:

- Mowing and Trimming all lawn
  areas to a 3.5”-4.0” length,  
  and never mowing in the 
  same direction within a two 
  week period. 

  This results in a healthy lawn
  with a striping effect which 
  adds contrast and beauty to 
  your lawn.

- Vertical-edging borders

- Blowing all drives, a/c units, window seals, porches, patios,
  sidewalks, landscape beds, and bordering areas.

- An option to “bag” grass clippings is also available.
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